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You will only be able to download content from the site if you are a registered user. All downloads are subject to the current law and general terms and conditions apply.

Responsible page holder

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freeaudiolibrary is a company dedicated to the production and licensed sale of musical works and other products and services related to the music and advertising industries.

Once you are registered as a CLIENT you will be able to download the available content. Before you make your first download you must register on the website as a CLIENT. You can access the registration as a legal individual or as a legal entity. If you access the register as a legal individual you must be of age according to your country laws or you must accredit a signed document of parental or legal tutor’s consent. If you access the registration as representative of a legal individual you must reassure that said person is in fact a valid and legal individual as constituted by the laws governing your country of origin. Both legal individual as well as legal entities must provide the necessary data requested in the registration form and accept our DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY POLICY.

Privacy Policy

Please read this portion carefully as it contains information relevant to your rights, as well as the description of how we obtain and treat your personal information. Remember that you will be able to modify o correct any data provided at any time. Once you are registered as a CLIENT you may change your personal data information with the DATA UPDATE tool located in the fold out menu found under the MY ACCOUNT tab. The username and password are both personal and non-transferable information, thus you may not share these or authorize their use to third parties. If indeed you are already registered with us, you may access your client account by login in with your corresponding username and password

Content Selection

You will find the content classified according to its proper MUSICAL STYLE or FEELING LIST (emotionally descriptive adjectives). If you use the SEARCH tool you may find content by using related specific criteria and values such as tempo (i.e. 120 bpm), instrument choice (i.e. sax) and other parameters.

FREEAUDIOMUSIC may make use of web browsing and purchase data management tools (i.e. cookies) on the site with the purpose of gathering statistic, marketing and USER profile data. These tools will not gather personal information but relative to the IP (internet protocol) from which the access is attained. In the case the specific laws governing the current PERSONAL DATA PRIVACY AND PROTECTION POLICIES will bind that the search engine tools allow the matching of the registered data to a specific individual, both the registered data as well as its treatment.

Once you are registered as a CLIENT you will be able to select and listen to content for its entire duration length. You can also select, listen, compile and organize your selection in the appropriate content folders before you decide to make your purchase by selecting MY FAVORITES. Once you have found the content of choice you may select the item/s into your CART by clicking on the BUY icon. In your CART you can check the name and style of your selections, as well as the total price of the item/s in your CART plus the applicable taxes. You may eliminate any items in your CART before confirming your final purchase. Please make sure you have carefully read the LICENCE AGREEMENT terms before you proceed to check out.

Once your order is confirmed, you will proceed to check out and payment via PAYPAL. You will need to be registered and have the necessary funds available for this modality, which allows you to make purchases online without sharing your credit card information. In order to register and be able to make payment transactions under this modality you can go to

Once you have entered your personal and payment data, please double check that your data is complete and correct before you continue the payment process for which you’ll later receive on-screen instructions. Once your payment is completed, you will receive an invoice and a receipt for your usage of our royalty free music.

Content Download

Once the payment of your purchase has been confirmed, you will be able to download the content from the DOWNLOAD AREA by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button. Once this is done, a dialogue window will appear where you can copy or reproduce the files in MP3 format using any of the standard compatible software available and which you must purchase or attain separately.

Download Issues

Should there be any data transfer error during the download process, please contact our Technical Department as soon as possible at this e-mail:

Please include a detailed account on the incident as well as your invoice number, in order to help us expedite your purchase information as quickly as possible.

Contact Us

In order to solve any issues, answer any questions or help you with any aspect of these TERMS and CONDITIONS, the DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY POLICIES, or regarding any claims, complaints, returns, refunds or suggestions, you may write us at the following e-mail:

Intellectual and Industrial Property

FREEAUDIOMUSIC reserves the right to cancel and/or deny content access to any USER who is deemed of not following the GENERAL TERMS or the current applicable laws on INTELECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY. FREEAUDIOMUSIC® is a registered trademark of the freeaudiomusic Sl. company. The ownership of the intellectual property rights concerning and the content and designs found in it, as well as brands, logos, commercial names and industrial designs, all belong exclusively to FREEAUDIOMUSIC and are all protected by law.

Additionally, the musical and audio contents offered on our site are owned by freeaudiomusic Sl. or its authors and are protected by the current applicable Spanish, European Union and international laws and regulations. The USER does not acquire any rights over any content downloaded from the site.

Personal Data Management

FREEAUDIOMUSIC guarantees that the personal data management of clients that are registered users of the site will be carried out according to the Spanish Law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de Diciembre sobre Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) and in the DATA PROTECTION POLICY. It is important for you to remember that FREEAUDIOMUSIC is only responsible for and that we have no relation or control over or of any third party websites accessed through means of links, banners or similar.

FREEAUDIOMUSICY is not responsible for the DATA PROTECTION POLICY or the use of web diagnostic tools (such as cookies, for instance), which may be used on said websites. We recommend you read the specific DATA PROTECTION POLICIES and notices of each individual website you visit.

Responsibility Waivers

FFREEAUDIOMUSIC is not responsible for the incorrect or inappropriate use of the content or the website by the USER/S and reserves the right to update, restrict or eliminate them temporarily or permanently if deemed appropriate. Additionally, FREEAUDIOMUSIC declines or waives any responsibility for any website functionality interruption caused by updates and improvements on the site or for causes beyond our control.

Limited Responsibility

FREEAUDIOMUSIC is not responsible for the incorrect or inappropriate use of the content or the applications on the website. All responsibility for said misuse will be held by the USER/S that incurred in it. FREEAUDIOMUSIC is not responsible for the information found on third-party website/s accessed through links on this WEBSITE, or for the information found on third-party website related in some way to this WEBSITE. FREEAUDIOMUSIC will cooperate with the judicial or administrative authorities request/s in identifying the person/s responsible for breaking the law/s. FREEAUDIOMUSIC reserves the right to deny WEB access at any time and without prior notice, on our own account or that of a third party, to any USER/S who break/s the law or does not abide by these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION POLICY, or infringe upon the existing rights on content, products, and/or services offered on the WEBSITE.


If you wish to include any links or mention of FREEAUDIOMUSIC on your website, you must send your request notification beforehand. Please bear in mind that any usage that may inflict upon the rights or interest of FREEAUDIOMUSIC will be subject to the appropriate and necessary measures and penalizations provided by the current applicable laws.

Early Termination

These GENERAL TERMS bind the involved parties and are in effect from the moment the USER access the WEBSITE onward. The USER who is not in agreement with these TERMS must exit the WEBSITE and refrain from accessing it or make any use of its contents. Furthermore, the USER must eliminate or and/or destroy any content, program, or computer application, as well as copies of any document/s obtained through or related to the WEBSITE. If FREEAUDIOMUSIC detects an improper use of the WEBSITE or its contents by a USER, we will remove and prevent any further accessibility of this USER to the WEBSITE and take the necessary legal measures against the alleged perpetrator according to the law, all current legislation and jurisdictions applicable. By and large and without prejudice to the current applicable regulations, FREEAUDIOMUSIC and the USER of submit any possible disagreement over the WEBSITE to the Spanish Legislation, the Spanish Courts being competent, with express submission to the Barcelona Court jurisdiction and expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

Data Protection

The company freeaudiomusic Sl. is responsible for the collection and treatment of USER and CLIENT data on as the holder. In abidance with the law (Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 on personal data protection) and its regulations approved in Spain by Royal Decree 1720/2007, as well as all applicable personal data protection regulations, FREEAUDIOMUSIC publishes this notice to inform all USERS of the following: Any data provided or sent to FREEAUDIOMUSIC through whether it’s with on-line forms or by e-mail/s or implies that this notice has been read and that you are in agreement with the terms stated herein; and from the moment you provide FREEAUDIOMUSIC with data, you are authorizing the gathering, treatment and transfer of said data in effect to FREEAUDIOMUSIC for the marketing of content through throughout the World and for the duration of the content usage; and, FREEAUDIOMUSIC will store your data on a file held by the company and will use it for the purposes of making observations, applications, abiding by the legal regulations for contracts (fiscal and commercial), as well as for keeping you informed of our services and promotions, which may be of your interest; and FREEAUDIOMUSIC always abides by the applicable regulation on personal data protection and under no circumstances will the files ever be used for purposes other than for; and, from the moment you provide data FREEAUDIOMUSIC will presume that you are an interested party and your data is correct, exact and u to date; and, you must maintain your data updated.

FREEAUDIOMUSIC will have no further responsibility in case of service issues or deficiencies of for lack of current and updated data; and you will able to exercise your right of access, modification, cancellation and disagreement by sending the appropriate request (along with a scanned copy of your national ID or passport) to the following e-mail:

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