Music for YouTube - Content ID

The Content ID is a technology that some libraries are using to mark with the identification of the contents of their music as their own.

This way they can monitor their products through the participating networks. For example, YouTube is a network that shows contextual ads about the videos that contain the content ID in the audio.

Sometimes still having a license for YouTube, a copyright notice is received. This causes alarm and confusion.

What is the problem?

This is problematic as they put ads on users' videos, usually advertising competing products and services.

For this reason, many royalty-free music libraries are only accepting music content that is clear of such IDs. However, there are some libraries that just see this as another way to generate revenue, send notifications to customers so they can collect money that does not belong to them, and only take out the ads and notifications when the user complains to You Tube .

Do not panic

If you received a YouTube copyright notice about the music content of your video, this does not mean that you are infringing the copyright. As long as the piece of music has been legally authorized, you should be able to continue using it. Some libraries will help you eliminate such ads.

There are some companies that distinguish that the free music of right does not have a recognized author, try to charge a money to the client who uploads his video. This is easily solved by submitting the license.

Freeaudiolibrary is a company in which Id Content is not used. But it provides an explanatory use license to present to whoever claims it.

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