Music for radio without...

Radio is a means of communication where the only sense that is at stake is the ear, so it is very important the choice of music for radio wedges.

Music library royalty free

For library music or library music we understand that it is music that is not composed for a specific job, it is not an original music for a job, but a music that can be used many times in different jobs.

What are the use sheets or...

The use sheets or cuesheet, is nothing more than a Unicode file, ie a text file, with information of a musical work used for a film or television production.

Royalty free music for...

At the height of debates on copyright, fees and fines to establishments that use music to liven up the atmosphere in their premises, audiovisual content creators face a problem that makes it difficult to create original material, whether for advertising, informational or entertainment purposes: find free commercial music rights.

Ambient music Royalty free

Since its inception, environmentally free music has been an excellent companion of man in his daily activities. And also, from those beginnings, the musical rhythms have copied the sounds of the nature, they have been able to accompany the feelings and sensations of the people.

Music for video royalty free

Introducing music tracks in an advertising piece or in a video is something that always increases the excitement of the sequence and that attracts the attention of the public.

Royalty Free Music economic

To have identifying musical traits is at present something as relevant as having an identity in the visual section. Choosing a type of music free of charge at an appropriate and identifiable economic price will make your project, video, publicity wedge, etc. achieve a dimension and a far more complete and contemporary transcendence, being able to achieve the desired distinction for your business, organization or entity.