Music logos without copyright

The purpose of a visual or graphic logo is that when the public see it identify it with our company freeaudiolibrary.

Although many times we do not realize a logo transmits values ​​and emotions, that is to say it speaks of the personality of the brand. Depending on the colors used, their shape, their typography ... a logo will transmit some values ​​or others. It is a very standardized resource that most companies use.

Another way to get attention and get consumers to quickly identify you is to add a corporate tune to the image of your company. The corporate tuning, also known as musical logo is a very useful complement in the moment of reinforcing the corporate image of a company.

It has a multitude of uses, whether for advertising, on radio or television, for the website, for telephone calls on hold, internal presentations, congresses, conventions, fairs ... There is an endless number of possibilities.

Up to now, most companies have commissioned specialized musicians for their company or TV logos, but due to the high cost, there are more and more companies that prefer to use music free of charge, since they are cheaper for the same quality.

Corporate music free of charge.

There are different ways to get corporate music free of charge such as commissioning a musician to compose custom music or use existing library music libraries. In Freaudiolibrary you will find a catalog with more than 20,000 free music rights that you can use as a musical logo. They are classified according to their style to make their choice as easy as possible. The price of the music ranges from 35 € to 50 € and the curtains for only € 15.

One of the best known and probably the most notorious musical logos in the world, is the ringtone of Nokia phones. We have all heard his mythical melody. It is said to be heard globally about 2,000 million times a day, about 20,000 times per second. Imagine the number of impacts and the notoriety that it implies for the brand.

We will hardly be able to create a music logo as famous as Nokia, however seeing this example is difficult to doubt the effectiveness of corporate tuning.

Freeaudiolibrary we are a company specialized in the sale of music of libraries free of copyright. We have a great music catalog for all kinds of soundtracks, epic music, suspense music, intriga. Chose your soundtrack to put music in your documentary, video or TV report.

Download free music and free sound effects shows extensive library all without copyright. You will not have to pay Sgae or any managing entity.

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