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Chillout is a contemporary musical genre that is difficult to define because it encompasses numerous and very different musical genres with a common denominator, its harmonious and relaxed composition.

Chill Out is not strictly an electronic genre, but a word that brings together all that music to listen to that provokes feelings of harmony and tranquility among the listeners. Around this concept have arisen bars and restaurants that give much importance to the design of interiors specially created so that each place perfectly matches the type of Chill Out music chosen by its owners.

The chill out music is a combination of modern and relaxing sounds composed using electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, drum machines and sound effects and is also known as "acid jazz".

Vídeo demo: Flamenco music

A good inexpensive way to get ambient music is through online royalty-free music sales sites.

Freeaudiolibrary is the owner of the exploitation rights of all musical works sold on this site. None of the musical works or their authors have any links with intellectual property rights management societies (SGAE, BMI, ASCAP, etc.). Thus, under the terms of a license included in the initial price, freeaudiolibrary grants without exclusivity the rights of synchronization and exploitation (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) for all the uses specified in the license.

Royalty free music is an economical solution that allows you to legally add music with exceptional sound for your project.

If the music has been registered in a management entity (SGAE, BMI, ASCAP ...) then it is not free of rights and will have to pay the copyright. Most companies that claim to sell music free of royalties are not really, many times the payment of the purchase will have to pay the royalties.

What is royalty free music...

Royalty free music or revenue rights free music is that which is marketed and sold without the intervention of intellectual property management or rights management entities (i.e. SGAE, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc) and out of the free will of the authors, producers and performers who have a recognized and free disposition of their works and contribution.

Corporate music Royalty free

Freeaudiolibrary in its section of corporate music offers you powerful themes, spectacular intros, funds for soap opera roles, and databases for news. Also for powerful and spectacular videos, sports videos, viral videos, web backgrounds.

Public Domain and Copyright

The copyright o a musical composition lasts until 70 years after the death of the composer. Henceforth, the work becomes part of the “Public Domain”, which means that it belongs to the people, to everyone and no one in particular.

Royalty free music is not free

Many people ask why they pay the royalty free music. When buying a paid music the rights to synchronize the music with a picture or play in an establishment. What you pay are the exploitation rights (reproduction, distribution and public communication), whose use is authorized on the terms contained in our licenses.

What is library music?

Library music is composed for professional use in the field of audiovisual production and communication in general for commercial or advertising purposes.

Audio Formats

There are different types of format according to the specific audio compression chosen. It is important to tell the difference between the file and the codec formats.

What music do I need in my...

The first thing we have to consider is if we have budget to order the music to a musician, if we can have an original music or not and what kind of music I need in my video.