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Freeaudiolibrary we are a company specialized in the sale of music of libraries free of copyright. We have a great music catalog for videos of all kinds, music for wedding videos, corporate videos, documentary videos ...

In our catalog you will find baroque classical music, old music, medieval music to contemporary music, all free of copyright.

Our website is perfectly categorized so you can find the piece of music you need quickly and easily.

Likewise, all freeaudiolibrary library music includes at the price of the music track a unique indefinite license that will allow its use regardless of the commercial or geographical purpose of the audiovisual project in which it is integrated.

Classical music

In freeaudiolibrary we have an extensive catalog of classical music free of copyright. As we have said are public domain, but freeaudiolibrary we have the rights to interpret such works through the orchestras that interpret it. In the classical music style Baroque you will find songs by Bach, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Haendel ..., and even some originals. If you are looking for Classic Classical music, you will find topics from Tchaikovsky, Griboedov, Grieg, Beethoven, Rossin.

Baroque music Royalty free

Freeaudiolibrary through its use license guarantees that all his works, including those of classical music are free of copyright and interpretation, and what he gives is the right to use, synchronize and reproduce all his music.
In freeaudiolibrary we have an extensive catalog of classical music free of copyright. As we have said are public domain, but freeaudiolibrary we have the rights to interpret such works through the orchestras that interpret it.

Music for company  without...

The corporate identity of the company generates unconscious and conscious associations, memories, values ​​and attributes, which form favorable or negative attitudes.

A positive state of opinion will determine the individual's confidence in the products and services that the company offers and sells, facilitating the adhesion of its own employees and personnel such as financial and social management.

A favorable image stimulates interest and constitutes a powerful motivation.

A company, like people, in addition to its performance and way of communicating, influences individuals by their visual appearance, by the way it is presented to the public. It projects the public image of the company and constitutes an important element to generate trust.

A clear and suggestive corporate identity reinforces and clarifies the image of the company, contributing to a better knowledge, familiarization and acceptance by the public of its commercial activities.

The company that is faced with markets saturated with advertising stimuli and commercial struggle needs to be identified, differentiated and managed to be remembered, in order to be effective in its economic, financial and commercial actions.

The visual identity allows us to use the different advertising media for the benefit of the company.

Epic music Royalty free

In this category you will find great orchestras with impressive musical effects. You can choose among all the spectacular music that best suits your video or documentary for Tv or cinema.
All the music in our library is free of royalty or royalty free, so you can save a lot of money with the royalty or royalty.

Freeaudiolibrary has its own library of royalty free music, composed of thousands of songs, so you can use them as background music for all types of video projects. Music free of copyright, professional and economic, and available in direct download from our website.

Chill out music royalty free

Chillout is a contemporary musical genre that is difficult to define because it encompasses numerous and very different musical genres with a common denominator, its harmonious and relaxed composition.

Chill Out is not strictly an electronic genre, but a word that brings together all that music to listen to that provokes feelings of harmony and tranquility among the listeners. Around this concept have arisen bars and restaurants that give much importance to the design of interiors specially created so that each place perfectly matches the type of Chill Out music chosen by its owners.

The chill out music is a combination of modern and relaxing sounds composed using electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, drum machines and sound effects and is also known as "acid jazz".

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A good inexpensive way to get ambient music is through online royalty-free music sales sites.

Freeaudiolibrary is the owner of the exploitation rights of all musical works sold on this site. None of the musical works or their authors have any links with intellectual property rights management societies (SGAE, BMI, ASCAP, etc.). Thus, under the terms of a license included in the initial price, freeaudiolibrary grants without exclusivity the rights of synchronization and exploitation (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) for all the uses specified in the license.

Royalty free music is an economical solution that allows you to legally add music with exceptional sound for your project.

If the music has been registered in a management entity (SGAE, BMI, ASCAP ...) then it is not free of rights and will have to pay the copyright. Most companies that claim to sell music free of royalties are not really, many times the payment of the purchase will have to pay the royalties.

Corporate music Royalty free

Freeaudiolibrary in its section of corporate music offers you powerful themes, spectacular intros, funds for soap opera roles, and databases for news. Also for powerful and spectacular videos, sports videos, viral videos, web backgrounds.