Music without copyright

Music for radio without...

Radio is a means of communication where the only sense that is at stake is the ear, so it is very important the choice of music for radio wedges.

Music library royalty free

For library music or library music we understand that it is music that is not composed for a specific job, it is not an original music for a job, but a music that can be used many times in different jobs.

Public Domain and Copyright

The copyright o a musical composition lasts until 70 years after the death of the composer. Henceforth, the work becomes part of the “Public Domain”, which means that it belongs to the people, to everyone and no one in particular.

Classical Barroque music...

Baroque music is an art with European musical style, closely related to the famous homonymous cultural epoch, beginning with the birth of the opera around 1600 until the death of the great composer Sebastian Bach, in the year 1750.