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For library music or library music we understand that it is music that is not composed for a specific job, it is not an original music for a job, but a music that can be used many times in different jobs.

Because of its free and unlimited character, a simile is made with the libraries, since it is enough to select the track that best fits each need and download it (paying the necessary price for our free use). Sometimes, these tracks do have some type of restriction, so it is important to make sure beforehand if we are facing a license for universal use or if it has some kind of limitation according to what use.

The music of the bookstore comprises a wide range of subjects that fits perfectly to the majority of cases in which sound accompaniment is required. We refer, for example, to the screens of a video game, in which music plays a crucial role in setting the scene, or a television commercial, whose most characteristic tune is usually stored involuntarily in the memory of the spectators. It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies and individuals make use of this class of libraries to lower the costs of their projects without sacrificing quality.

Generally, the main platforms of this type require a previous registration and are characterized by the rapidity of downloads and the wide catalog of audio tracks and other sound effects. Not surprisingly, many of these compositions fit without problems to very diverse productions. In addition, such musical tracks can be versioned to cause different effects in several sequences of a recording, a versatility that can not always be achieved with conventional compositions and with the convenience of performing all the steps from home.

In Freeaudiolibrary you will find a wide range of music library at an affordable price that you can use for your video, your ad, your music, etc. In addition, our library music is royalty free, so you will not have to pay Sgae.

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In Freeaudiolibrary you will find an unlimited series of pieces pertaining to easy listening or lifestyle that will accompany you in your social gatherings, your moments of intimacy or even in your daily activities. Music for video, music relax, ambient music all songs without copyright.

All songs are copyrighted.

With the license of use you will be able to put all the music of Freeaudiolibrary in your videos without any problem with any managing entity.

Music has a very important part in your communication strategy, and it represents the spirit and values of your company.

It also allows for example; more easily reach the goals of your customers and make sense of your messages.

A dedicated and original soundtrack can also be created from royalty free music, and presented in various formats, will accompany all your multimedia projects: advertisements, Web pages, etc ...

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