Music without rights

Ambient music for stores

Music plays an important role in the lives of people and depending on the style of music and speed, people behave in different ways. The influence of music on behavior, is also reflected in the shopping habits of human beings

Ambient music Royalty free

Since its inception, environmentally free music has been an excellent companion of man in his daily activities. And also, from those beginnings, the musical rhythms have copied the sounds of the nature, they have been able to accompany the feelings and sensations of the people.

Royalty Free Music economic

To have identifying musical traits is at present something as relevant as having an identity in the visual section. Choosing a type of music free of charge at an appropriate and identifiable economic price will make your project, video, publicity wedge, etc. achieve a dimension and a far more complete and contemporary transcendence, being able to achieve the desired distinction for your business, organization or entity.

What is royalty free music...

Royalty free music or revenue rights free music is that which is marketed and sold without the intervention of intellectual property management or rights management entities (i.e. SGAE, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc) and out of the free will of the authors, producers and performers who have a recognized and free disposition of their works and contribution.

Royalty free music is not free

Many people ask why they pay the royalty free music. When buying a paid music the rights to synchronize the music with a picture or play in an establishment. What you pay are the exploitation rights (reproduction, distribution and public communication), whose use is authorized on the terms contained in our licenses.

Free Music - Creative Commons

There are two kinds of rights derived from intellectual property: Moral rights, which are inalienable and not transferable. These are, the right of authorship, the right to prevent or allow any amendment, the right to decide in what form will spread the work, the right to withdraw the work market and the right of access to the sole of it.