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There are two kinds of rights derived from intellectual property: Moral rights, which are inalienable and not transferable. These are, the right of authorship, the right to prevent or allow any amendment, the right to decide in what form will spread the work, the right to withdraw the work market and the right of access to the sole of it.

These are the reproduction and distribution rights, the right of public communication, and the right timing.

Economic rights are managed by collecting societies or societies of authors, SGAE, BMI, SCAP ... Only works managed by collecting societies are required to pay royalties.

The free or creative commons music is that made available to the public under a license that allows free distribution under certain conditions more permissive than the classic copyright (all rights reserved). The equivalent English free music is free music.

The free music is one that can be copied, modified and distributed freely for any purpose. Music can be either public domain music under a free license, often used for promotional purposes. This does not mean that there can be benefits or profits.

The word free music does not mean it has to be free. However, some authors argue that the mere fact of being under a Creative Commons makes the work can be considered free music for what is considered free distribution licenses, semi-free or with some rights reserved.

Created by musicians who have no management assigned your copyright to any management company. The artist completely controls their work and negotiating with industry professionals on equal terms, without having to go through management companies. Do not lose the ability to be paid for their work. It is free to develop his work artistically without stylistic restrictions imposed by third parties.

A typical question we might ask is ... If free music, do not you can do with it what you want and you are? Well not necessarily. The free-free music distribution would be more accurate, it may seem strange, and it is also subject to Copyright, as we can buy in a store.

The difference is that a musician or musical group Creative Commons gives up part of its reserved rights, in favor of more and better distribution of his work. The only right that is common booked and held in the six basic Creative Commons licenses is the attribution, or what is the same, giving credit to the author of the music in your derivative work or in your publication.

The difference with royalty free music, and which are on the web freeaudiolibrary is that you are after payment of license can be used freely in any job, no need to mention the author or where are used. Instead the free or creative commons music, the author must appear in the credits of work, and if the author does not agree, then they may not license it and you may not be able to use his work. Generally, creative commons licenses are used to promote bands, so give up their work in exchange for public distribution of his work.

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