Ambient music for stores

Music plays an important role in the lives of people and depending on the style of music and speed, people behave in different ways. The influence of music on behavior, is also reflected in the shopping habits of human beings

What´s Ambient music for stores?

For example, soothing music can be put in a warehouse with little crowd, this is achieved with people perceive a pleasant and calm that invites you to stay longer on the premises. If instead there are many people within the establishment, the ideal is to put a faster pace and lively music to stimulate things done faster and be more customer flow.

Previously it was said that ambient music should be instrumental and a song with lyrics distracts attention from customers and diverted to the song instead of allowing focus it on the products. However, recent trends point to use commercial music and go according to the products offered, for example, if we have a clothing store for young, most likely, a Bach melody not seem very attractive , but if you put the hit song could invite them to enter.

Conversely, if we have a library, the most appropriate would be to soft classical music, so that people can concentrate on the books and quietly to decide which book to buy. The important thing in any of the two cases is that the music is not at high volume, as this could scare away customers.

The above example leads us to the conclusion that music in a commercial, should be part of the brand image, your target group and product characteristics. However, there is a type of music, music that sounds as we make the purchase, which is not as trivial as it seems.

The music playing in malls is not only filling sound for silence. Nor is geared to make us stay more bearable. The secrets of the music of the malls have strong components Machiavellian. Because affect behavior. And sales. Freeaudiolibrary distributes free music copyright for commercial businesses and through its flat rate and its licenses. Besides the music above phrases can be inserted with propaganda shop, or offers ...

A detailed investigation into the rhythm, the tone and style of music has shown that careful selection of sounds can have a significant impact on consumption, production and other measurable behaviors. Grocery sales increased by 35 percent

Where I can find It?

if the facilities emit freeaudiolibrary music at a slower pace.

Fast food restaurants use freeaudiolibrary music with a much faster rate to increase the rate at which customers chew. The brightly colored clothing sells better in disco music stores and cheap items are in noisy environments so customers spend less time examining the quality of the merchandise.

The strategy is to make customers hear the music consciously to reach certain score associated with a particular store. With this strategy, no more subtle musical threads. Furthermore freeaudiolibrary music is copyright free, which the malls, shops, bars ... not have to pay any fees SGAE and save some money monthly.

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