Royalty free music is not free

Many people ask why they pay the royalty free music. When buying a paid music the rights to synchronize the music with a picture or play in an establishment. What you pay are the exploitation rights (reproduction, distribution and public communication), whose use is authorized on the terms contained in our licenses.

Besides the musicians also have to make a living!

One thing is to buy free music copyright and quite another to hack the music and not giving anything in return for the musicians who have made it.

There are some websites that advertise free rights as free, but actually when you read the conditions, we see that what they give is for noncommercial use, so when a client wants to use as an announcement or as a video stand, not authorized, and then have to pay a licenses. In freeaudiolibrary have very low prices, and use is not free but legal.

You will have no problem in commercial videos, wedding videos, websites, movies, presentations, audio ...

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