Music for videos and not be pursued by the SGAE

When we do an audiovisual production, there is usually a point of production in which people often hesitate. This point is the time to incorporate music in our video.

To use music for videos and not be chased by SGAE, songs in our projects and not receive a visit from the much feared SGAE, we have two options: one would be to compose music especially for the occasion, the other, to take advantage of the music that we can find in online bookstores and buy them to make free use of it.

Unless our budget is very high, we usually opt for the second option. Library music is specially created for professional use in the field of communication for commercial or advertising purposes. Its price is really economic and when using a single license of use, once purchased we can use as many times as we want and in any format.

Another advantage offered by library music is that by making the purchase online, we can download the songs immediately and also, if purchased through Freeaudiolibrary, we can pre listen to the music tracks before paying for them.

In the catalog of Freeaudiolibrary we find more than 20,000 songs and all of them music without copyright, so that our money will not end in any management entity and will go to the original author of the work.

The authors of the works managed by Freeaudiolibrary have voluntarily decided not to be part of any management company, since in these entities it often happens that the money that legally belongs to the artists ends up in the portfolio of those great artists who have greater representation within that society. As a user this benefits you enormously, since you will not have to make any additional payments of any kind.

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