Background music without copyright

The importance of free background music is indisputable. If you need to advertise your company, the realization of the corporate video and its dissemination will be of great help. 

It is unthinkable to elaborate this project without using a background music. Paying copyright, in this case, makes it exponentially expensive. The same happens to the professional of the image and sound when it produces a documentary; also in the diffusion of the tuning of a radio station, etc.

It is very important to know how to choose which background music to put in every circumstance. The background music will enlighten our video and guide us to where we want the viewer to go. That's why it's important to use the feelings, categories ... tags to find the right music.

Copyright is managed mostly by the General Society of Authors and Publishers, the famous SGAE, now known by the famous canon for private copying. In reality, the SGAE is an organization whose function is to look after the interests of the authors, although it has been involved in some scandals. Copyright is desirable and necessary, but these fees greatly increase the download of music. When it comes to background music that is indispensable to carry out the project of a small or medium business, it is necessary to consider the cost.

There are companies that have the necessary licenses to market music for royalty free funds, because they are responsible for paying the artists. These companies, which act and sell through the Internet, sell to the user and to the audiovisual professional, image and sound, in a totally legal way, all kinds of music for royalty free funds that will enable him to carry out his project in a way viable.

The music offered is very varied. You can choose from a range of possibilities: cheerful music, pop, romantic, Latin, corporate, serious and formal music, rock, jazz, etc. And all without having to pay the royalties that make the project very expensive.

Freeaudiolibrary we are a company specialized in the sale of music of libraries free of copyright. We have a great music catalog for all kinds of soundtracks, epic songs, suspense songs, intrigue. Download free music and sound effects of royalty free.

Here you will find a large number of material to create your film productions, TV, or videos. Ambient music, Chill out music, classical music without copyright

Our website is perfectly categorized so you can find the piece of music you need quickly and easily.

Likewise, all freeaudiolibrary library music includes at the price of the music track a unique indefinite license that will allow its use regardless of the commercial or geographical purpose of the audiovisual project in which it is integrated.