Copyright” infringement message ?

Even though we do not use digital fingerprinting to mark our music at FREEAUDIOLIBRARY, we can’t guarantee with 100% certainty whether some might music could generate a copyright warning by YouTube or not.

This is because the majority of our composers are independent and also sell their music to other website besides FREEAUDIOLIBRARY which could be using digital fingerprinting for their authors’ music or sending their music to advertising revenue programs such as “Content ID”. We only distribute music and pay a percentage of the profits.

All our authors are warned by the bad practices of certain agencies. The contracts that all our authors sign with FREEAUDIOLIBRARY specifically exclude the possibility of uploading tunes to their websites or any other that uses digital fingerprinting. However, due to ignorance and/or misinformation it is possible that an author may have music for sale on such sites, or on a new unidentified site that uses digital fingerprinting, and thus, his/her music might generate a copyright infringement warning.


If you ever encounter a You Tube copyright infringement warning or notice due to a track licensed through FREEAUDIOLIBRARY, the first thing you must know is that you are NOT infringing on anyone’s copyrighted works, nor are you rendered suspicious of perpetrating any illegal activity whatsoever. The music licensed through FREEAUDIOLIBRARY is 100% legal and your video cannot be blocked or removed from You Tube under any circumstance. In this case, neither you nor your client/s have a problem or should be dealing with any issue at all. A copyright warning is simply nothing more than an automated notice stating that YouTube has encountered a “reasonable similarity” to a music work previously registered in their database.

However, YouTube’s system is not perfect or infallible, which is why they created a dispute system whereby users can provide data regarding the music. The purpose of this for the user would be to certify that this user has in fact a legal license to use the music in that video.

For the purpose if helping you solve the issue, we ask that you please forward the URL of the video, the name of the track, the name of the composer of the music used in the video, and also the company that is claiming the author’s rights of the musical work. We will contact the author and provide the additional relevant data to help solve the problem as quickly as possible.



Today You Tube is a tool used as a promotional platform by many companies and independent professionals, without taking into account that it is of free use and is maintained thanks to the revenue from the advertising embedded in its video content. According to their terms and conditions of use, You Tube may (and probably will) insert competitor’s advertising on your video.

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