What is library music?

Library music is composed for professional use in the field of audiovisual production and communication in general for commercial or advertising purposes.

Unlike the original music (or custom music made to order), music from the bookstore can be used worldwide, or is not an exclusive music, but because of the affordability of its price can be used many times in different jobs. It also has the advantage that it is available immediately and the possibility of pre listening to the music tracks immediately.

It is important to differentiate the websites that sell copyright music, which means that in addition to paying the use and synchronization, we will also have to pay the managing entities, Sgae, Aie, Sacem .. since their authors belong to a management entity of webs totally free of copyright like freeaudiolibrary, in which you only pay once for the synchronization of the music with your videos, and you will not have to pay anything else, because we certify by means of a license of use, that the works of our musicians are not registered in any management entity.

Freeaudiolibrary we are a company specializing in the sale of free music library. We have a great music catalog for videos of all kinds, music for wedding videos, corporate videos, documentary videos ...

We have a large number of musicians who make up for our company and are specialists in making music from bookshop.

Among many other things, here you will find numerous material for all kinds of artistic productions; headers of programs, music for sports, information, advertising, television spots, radio wedges ... and countless musical bursts, separators and tunings to endow your productions with the highest level of quality.

Our website is perfectly categorized so you can find the piece of music you need quickly and easily.

Likewise, all freeaudiolibrary music library has included in the price of the track a unique indefinite license that will allow its use regardless of the commercial or geographical purpose of the audiovisual project in which it is integrated.