What are the use sheets or cue sheets?

The use sheets or cuesheet, is nothing more than a Unicode file, ie a text file, with information of a musical work used for a film or television production.

The purpose of filling out a use sheet is to ensure that part of the rights that organizations, cinemas, televisions, etc. pay annually to the management companies, the SGAE in Spain, do not get lost along the way and end up getting to the corresponding author.

Filling out the use sheets is not economic value for you or your client because the payers are the media or "Broadcasters" (television, radio, hotels, websites like You Tube, Vimeo or Google video ... ) depending on the agreements signed with the management companies, but in many cases the money is lost along the way and is distributed in the portfolio of the great artists who have a greater representation within that entity.

In short, the use sheets or cuesheet are just a document that serves so that the money does not end up in the hands of the wrong people and reaches the true composers.

The more than 20,000 songs that you will find in the Freeaudiolibrary catalog are copyrighted, so you will not need to fill out any usage sheet or question sheet. The fact that it is royalty-free music means that only a single payment is required to obtain the right, on the part of the original author, to synchronize a song with an audiovisual project. Freeaudiolibrary has a single license, so the price you pay for the music is the same in any medium you use. That is, it allows us to use the song as many times as we want in any format. For the user it is very beneficial since otherwise we would have to pay a fee every time we used the music, or every month or every year and in this way the original artist makes sure that nobody steals the money that legally belongs to him.

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