Royalty free music for commercial use

At the height of debates on copyright, fees and fines to establishments that use music to liven up the atmosphere in their premises, audiovisual content creators face a problem that makes it difficult to create original material, whether for advertising, informational or entertainment purposes: find free commercial music rights.

Music for shops.

There are more and more shops that are sick of the Sgae inspector coming to pay some canons that they believe are abusive. Even the reproduction management entities also go on to collect their royalties. That's why there are more and more businesses that are betting on copyright-free music, because they know that at least they will pay for the use of that music and that it will go directly to the performers.

Although it is true that the music of a documentary or an advertisement is not the main content, it is useful and necessary, since they accompany and serve to guide the attention of the viewer and make visualization more enjoyable, while helping to convey what is the character and tone of the video question.

Royalty free music banks.

Fortunately, several companies have taken the initiative to help these authors to have a commercial music bank free of rights for their audiovisual creations. These banks, in addition to having a large amount of music from a multitude of streams and styles, include search engines and classifications according to the style of music desired, the time or the character of the songs, thus facilitating the choice of music to choose from among all the variety offered.

It is not surprising that such initiatives are increasingly taking place, since otherwise the audiovisual production company should have its own composers and recording equipment, which would greatly slow down its work and would in many cases prevent or disable it. possibility of producing the works.

For a very affordable subscription or purchase price, these banks of musical products can be accessed in an unlimited way that can be used in any audiovisual medium without fear of being sanctioned by the mechanisms of control of plagiarism and without losing quality in the productions .

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