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What is romantic music?

Ballads or romantic music is a genre characterized by dealing with love themes in their lyrics, for their slow rhythm, and for being normally performed by a soloist accompanied by an orchestra.

We find its origins in the United States during the twenties: the genus "ballad" appears as a cultural contribution of European immigrants arriving in the new continent. One of the main diffusers of ballads or romantic music in America was Elvis Presley, who influenced slow romantic rock (slow rock).

It was not until the sixties that it is configured as a musical genre and becomes a popular music style, not only in the United States, but also in Latin America and Europe.

In Spain, ballads or romantic music arrived in 1962 with the song Call Me, performed by Victor Balaguer in Eurovision. His best moment was not until the 70s, when artists such as Raphael, Julio Iglesias, Camilo Sesto or Rocío Jurado decided to launch it.

Musically, it differs from the bolero since it has more sophisticated lyrics and a more metaphorical and subtle language. The fundamental objective of this style of music is to create an atmosphere conducive to romance, conveying a feeling of flirtation and passion.

Currently, this genre is homogenized by the processes of media internationalization and American influence. In the United States, Miami has become the capital of ballad or romantic music, attracting Latin American and Spanish singers, producers and musicians.

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