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Historically, royalty-free music licensing was created so that television producers could quickly add music to a production without having to deal with the complexities and licensing costs of rights-collecting societies such as Sgae, Bmi, Ascap ...

Rights management entities still have complex ways of dealing with licenses, which is much more expensive and complex than royalty-free music companies.

Television networks or radio stations are not really concerned about performance royalties since they have to pay a general license to broadcast the music. This is paid to all organizations worldwide. But it affects all producers of video, TV programs, Documentaries ... since these if they have to pay directly for the use of conventional music.


As a result, composers often join a PRO or management company to collect a portion of that license. In many cases, and usually without the knowledge of the composer, he actually gives or gives part of his copyright to the PRO. This means that your music can never be 100% royalty free.

These rights very rarely end up in the pocket of the small independent composers. The inability to control all uses of music means that the artist or composer charges according to statistics and always goes in favor of the best known artist. Realistically, an independent composer will only benefit from his rights when using his music in a major broadcast. In such cases, they may end up with an important royalty check. The appeal of this is often the main and possibly the only reason why a composer joins a PRO. This system is completely out of touch with the modern world and the PRO must give greater flexibility in its agreements.

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For all this there are more and more musicians who choose to put their music in libraries free of copyright. With this, they perceive money for the use of their work, and are not at the expense of a management entities increasingly obsolete due to their malfunction.

There are more and more distribution libraries of this genre. Both musicians and customers are increasingly confident in the quality of this product, its versatility and ease of use.


In freeaudiolibrary we support the musicians who believe in this philosophy because through their licenses we give a total legality to the process of buying and sharing benefits for musicians.

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