Relaxation music for meditation, yoga or Pilates.

Relaxation music for meditation, yoga or Pilates.

Many studies highlight the positive effects of meditation, mindfulness, yoga or Pilates practice in reducing stress, improving the immune system, improving concentration, developing empathy and even increasing of pain tolerance. In this practice, which requires concentration and calm, music plays a prominent role.

Music in meditation

For those unfamiliar with the term, meditation is about reaching a state of greater awareness and inner peace by transcending the mind and thoughts. That is, it is a mental training through which we pay full attention, connect with ourselves and manage states and sensations such as stress, anxiety or obsessive thoughts.
The mind generates thousands of thoughts and these are what determine our decisions and actions, our state of mind and the way we relate. Therefore, what we think is of vital importance, since they determine our quality of life.
Pythagoras, Aristotle or Plato realized how music could influence emotionally and physically, increasing well-being and quality of life. Music has therapeutic properties, such as stress relief, and is therefore a tool to consider in the meditation process.
Listening to music while meditating we manage to pay attention to our present and ourselves. In this way, it is easier to ensure that our state of mind does not depend on the thoughts that our mind generates.
Meditation and relaxation will be more pleasant if we accompany them with relaxation music to meditate. There are various types of music to meditate on, among which are the sounds of nature, classical music or ambient music. They are the most used to achieve a state of relaxation of the mind and to be able to meditate deeply.

Music in the practice of yoga and Pilates

Yoga is an activity where concentration and relaxation are very important. By practicing yoga in a concentrated way it is easier to take advantage of all the benefits of this discipline and reach a state of meditation through movements and breathing.
It is important to know how to choose the appropriate music to relax or relax. Ambient music, chill out style or classical music are some of the most appropriate styles for this practice.

Where to find music to meditate, practice yoga or Pilates?

There are online platforms that provide music for these activities.
But we are going to focus on those that provide copyright free music. They are platforms with great content of music divided into styles, which will facilitate the search for what we need: ambient, chillout ... There are specific sound banks with relaxing sounds and effects of nature, of the sea, of animals ... that lead us to a state of relaxation necessary for meditation.
It is important to know how to choose good music for our purposes.

Freeaudiolibrary provides you with a lot of music for relaxation and practice of yoga, pilates ...